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L Word S6 L Word S5
First promos are up Episode Guide so far...
Episode Guide so far... Previews and promos Season 5 music
Season 6 music


KARIN BUBAS - Woman with Horse, 2006

From black to red


L Word S3 L Word S4
Episode Guide so far... Episode Guide so far...
Episode Music so far... Previews and promos
Erin - you sexy beast Episode music
Soundtrack listing Curious facts (sorry I don't have time to do this anymore)
Curious facts ep. 03.01 0401: Legend in the Making
Curious facts ep. 03.02

0402: Livin' La Vida Loca

Curious facts ep. 03.03 0403: Lassoed
Curious facts ep. 03.04

0404: Layup

Curious facts ep. 03.05 0405: Lez Girls
Curious facts ep. 0306 0406: Luck Be A Lady
Curious facts ep. 0307 0407: Lesson Number One
Curious facts ep. 0308 0408: Lexington & Concord
Curious facts ep. 0309 0409: Lacy Lilting Lyrics
Curious facts ep. 0310 0410: Little Boy Blue
Curious facts ep. 0311 0411: Literary License to Kill
Curious facts ep. 0312 0412: Long Time Coming
Various spoilers for:
S0309 - Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way
S0304 - Light My Fire
S0301 - Labia Majora


L Word S2 L Word S1

previews of season 2 already!!!
Bette: (smiling) We are going to deploy a mission to ascertain the disposition and intent of one Miss Lara Perkins.
Nekkid' promo pic (large version)

How Dana lost her banana...

Episode Guide season 2

episode 01.13

Cast Birthdays

episode 01.14

Fav character on the L Word S2

the T-shirts

Curious facts ep. 02.01

The Tanktop Tribute 1 and

Curious facts ep. 02.02

The Tanktop Tribute 2

Curious facts ep. 02.03 The flying wonder that is TLLH
Curious facts ep. 02.04

Episode guide - season 1

Curious facts ep. 02.05 The Slap that went all around the world
(theslap.m1v - no sound yet...)
Curious facts ep. 02.06 Girl #2: Yeah, there's a scientist at the National Enquirer who says that if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, it means you're a lesbian.
Curious facts ep. 02.07 An experiment (WTF!)
Curious facts ep. 02.08 Vote:
Who is your favourite character on the L-Word
Curious facts ep. 02.09   the L.Word season 1 quiz
Curious facts ep. 02.10   Curious L Word facts
Curious facts ep. 02.11  - the guest stars of season 1
Curious facts ep. 02.12   It's soooo distracting
Curious facts ep. 02.13 - the second site - the third site - All the links site - try it ! - soo many links.....


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Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love

The L Word online

Episode guide

The Planet Cafe

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