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Episode guide - season 1

1x00 "The L-Word Defined" 

1x01 "Pilot Episode"

1x02 "Let's Do It"

[Alice and her boss, Marc, are sitting in his office. Alice is trying to illustrate the lesbian love connection chart she was showing to Dana at the end of the last episode. She uses an electronic drawing pad to write it all out.] 

1x03 "Longing"

[title card: New York City, 1986] 

[A female photographer, Carla Marie Freed, photographs another woman in a darkened studio. The woman stands completely still against a dark backdrop, in the nude. Music plays in the background.] 

1x04 "Lies, Lies, Lies"

[title card: Greenwich Village, Present Day] 

[A lesbian couple sleeps in bed. Outside, sounds of the city can be heard - traffic, police sirens, horns honking. Closeup of a couple of small, ancient, Central American statuettes of demons sitting on a table.] 

1x05 "Lawfully" 

[title card: West Hollywood, California 1976] 

[Muffled traffic and police sirens are heard outside, in addition to music coming from the diner. Two men, Stephen Green and Sammy Craff, are in the bathroom. Sammy pushes Stephen to the wall. Stephen tries to kiss him. Sammy pushes him against the wall again, then backs up against the opposite wall. He unzips his jeans.] 

1x06 "Losing It" 

[title card: Detroit Michigan, Two Years Ago] 

[A sign advertises a not-so-tantalizing "Sierra Smoked Turkey with rasberry and chipolte sauce" - the misspellings theirs. The store sign above it reads, "Marsie & Chick's Sub Shop" and below that reads "Low-Fat Solutions".] 

[Music plays. Sounds of the city can be heard from outside. The store is deserted, all except for a couple of teenaged, female employees who're behind the counter. Katie absently wipes the counter; Roxanne leans against the opposite counter, watching her.] 

1x07 "L'Ennui" 

[Light opera music plays softly in the background. Beyond that, a man and a woman can be heard bickering in Italian.] 

[Closeups of spools of ribbon in pink, gold, white; spools of string in red, purple, gold, and blue. Straight pins with colored heads, stuck in a small pin cushion. 1920s-era paintings of women, one in a maid's uniform, one in an exquisite black gown.] 

[A beautiful young Italian woman stands in the center of the room, on a platform. Francesca Wolff, professional costume designer, kneels near her, tending to her gown. Francesca's assistant, Carla, stands nearby.] 

1x08 "Listen Up" 

[title card: Santa Rosa, CA 1968] 

[A horse whinnies.] 

[Fade in. Tommy James & The Shondells "Crimson and Clover" plays.] 

[A couple of young women, Sharon and Leslie, ride on horses in a small arena.] 

1x09 "Luck, Next Time"

[title card: Lisbon, Portugal - Present Day] 

[Latin guitar music plays. The camera pans up the ornate iron railing of a balcony on a house. In the window, we can see what looks to be a man posing as Jesus, hands outstretched and upturned, with a light glowing on the wall behind his head. Three older men with beards stand around him in period costume. They all stand absolutely still as if they're posed for a painting.] 

[A woman, Isabella Pernao, enters. The camera's view of the scene is obscured as it moves to another window. When we see the scene again, Isabella isn't there.] 

1x10 "Liberally" 

[title card: San Fernando Valley, Last Year] 

[A couple of teenaged girls in private school outfits, China and Amber, stand in front of a school bathroom mirror, putting makeup on.] 

[The camera pulls back to reveal, in the mirror, a few men standing on the other side of the bathroom with movie cameras and microphones. One of them, the director, stands with them.] 

1x11 "Looking Back"

[title card: Los Angeles, California - 1979] 

[A party by a pool. Disco music plays. Several people are milling around, some are dancing. Waitresses in skimpy outfits serve drinks to people. A couple of people are snorting cocaine. A guy sits on the couch, smoking pot.] 

1x12 "Locked Up" 


1x13 "Limb From Limb"

[3 days ago - Bette arrives]