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L.Word S1 - Quiz


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Max. points
1 who has her hand on whos thigh???

l.word quiz

Karina's hand on Laurel... 1
2 whos hand on whos back and which episode?

l.word quiz

Bette and Tina in ep 2... insemination scene! - Bettes hand on Tinas back 2
3 who is the hottie eyeing Jenny - what's her name and what other tv-show was she on?

l.word quiz

She is called Leanne Adachi

And she had guessed starred in Tv shows such as Smallville, Dark Angel, Twilight Zone, Alienated, Andromeda, the outer limits and of course the L word

4 who do they belong to?

l.word quiz

1- It's the girl on the yacht, who ends up in the hot tub

2- Dana

3- Tina

4- Jenny

5- the woman from the gym (Mhhuuaahhh...)


5 whos bodylicious butt and which episode?

whos bodylicious butt and which episode?

Tina in Looking back 
(ep 11)
6 Who is it and what is the significance of the t-shirt she is wearing?

lacey.gif (38197 byte)

Its Lacey - Tammy Lynn Michaels

significance: its the name of one of Melissa Etheridge's albums, her wife


7 did Jenny have her lovely Stockings on when she was with Marina and Tim walked in?


Yes, sadly enough and she kept them on for the next 3 episodes... 1
8 What is the name of the actor who plays Harrison and what other shows has he been on? - Bonus question: who is Colin Cunningham? Harrison is played by Landy Cannon...

and tv he's been in...
earth final conflict
relic hunter
twitch city
psi factor chronicles of the paranormal
stephenson - the night of the setting sun

and films...
he sees you when you're sleeping
a mother's fight for justice
harvard man
one true love
the deadly look of love
american psycho
the real blonde

Colin Cunningham plays harry samchuk...

did you know... Harrison's surname is Landy

answer provided by Gee


9 the drag-kings - the cowboy - who is the actress, I want her name (and email)


the actress is Luvia Petersen more at


10 What car does Bette ride - brand and color (it is mentioned in one episode) - Shane drives a Toyota truck, I guess Dana drives a Subaru and Alice has a mini....


it's a blue SAAB convertible 2
11 what is this all about??? it's Mia Kirshner and ???

what is this all about??? it's Mia Kirshner and ???


The girl is Chyler Leigh 

They acted together in Not Another Teen Movie
Chyler Leigh was also in Marilyn Manson's video for Tainted Love (shes the girl he dances with in the hot tub)
12 Dido's 'Thank You' - the first verse was used by Eminem and the last verse was used in which lesbian movie ? (Clue: it's during a love making scene between two blond ladies...) and who are actress 1 and 2 ? (you are sooo not gonna guess this one...)

and how does this quiz relate to the l.word? - well, thinkin' 'bout the Kevin Bacon Oracle

 which was the inspiration for the 6degrees map used on the l.word I used the star linker

Katherine Moennig was in Shipping News, The (2001) with Daniel Kash
Daniel Kash was in Cold Creek Manor (2003) with actress 1

Erin Daniels was in Wheelmen (2002) with Alexander Gould
Alexander Gould was in Finding Nemo (2003) with actress 2

the movie is 'If these walls could talk 2' - the end part... so... Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Stone... 3
13 What brand is Bette's glasses?

What brand is Bette's glasses?



14 This quiz question is from Dani:

lockernumbers at the countryclub:

Danas number is:

Laras number is:

Dana: no 73

Lara:  no 135

32 points max

- how did you do?




updated: 02-10-2004