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previews of season 2 already!!!

(and Arianna Huffington)
Hhmmmm - those glasses
Carmen likes those glasses too Shane is introduced to Carmen (made a regular character), a 20yr old Production Assistant
Shane and Carmen get it on  only to have Shane go cold on Carmen - Sorry, I don't do relationships
Alice, What's with that shirt  mmmmm...
going in.... and fade out
Dana & Toxic Alice on the left...
Tonya and Dana go ahead with their wedding plans, whilst Alice (who has since taken up knitting) needs to talk to Dana.
Agree: It's Tina Camryn Manheim states that she has filmed 3 episodes of The L Word.
easy pick-up Bette then depressed goes to the MEOW MIX (a well known NY lesbian bar), where she proceeds to get drunk. 
She picks up some random 25 yr old girl  and takes her back to her hotel room. (Bette is still wearing her ring)
We see them kiss and get onto the bed...
After much Slo-Mo I must agree: 
It's Bette and Candy...
one can assume they end up spending the night together. (duh!)
Tina goes to a lawyer to sort out her separation from Bette Jane Lynch is now set to join the cast. She will be playing Barbara Lynch, a gay civil rights lawyer who helps Tina with her separation from Bette
Don't cross that line
Bette proceeds to bad mouth Helena Peabody to Tina.
Bette is doing a "Linda Blair imitation" and Tina is "tipping the velvet" - sorry - tipping the table...
Kit and Ivan ?
Ivan handing Kit some keys - why? - Kit doesn't use keys (?!)
Who is it - after watching the DVD - it's Carmen it's Carmen
I first thought it was Jenny - but it's Carmen OMG! - that ring looks soo familiar...
Shane - and Carmen !
WTF! We (and Jenny) find out that Robin has been briefly married before, to a woman who cheated on her on their wedding day.
Charlotte Birch (Sandra Bernhard)
Bring on season 2!
Spoiler-heaven: u can d/l the preview of s2 from here: 



Updated: 27-02-2005