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Season 3

#301 Labia Majora
#302 Lost Weekend
#303 Lobsters
#304 Light My Fire
#305 Lifeline
#306 Lifesize
#307 Lone Star (by EzGirl)
#308 Latecomer
#309 Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way
#310 Losing the Light
#311 Last Dance
#312 Left Hand of the Goddess


Episode by Episode, writers & directors for season 3...........

301 Labia Majora
Writer: Ilene Chaiken
Director: Rose Troche

302 Lost Weekend
Writer: A.M. Homes
Director: Bille Eltringham

303 Lobsters
Writer: Ilene Chaiken
Director: Bronwen Hughes

304 Light My Fire
Writer: Cherien Dabis (*writer for The D Word)
Director: Lynne Stopkewich

305 Lifeline
Writer: Ilene Chaiken
Director: Kimberly Peirce

306 Lifesize
Writer: Adam Rapp (*Anthony Rapp's brother)
Director: Tricia Brock

307 Lone Star
Writer: Elizabeth Ziff
Director: Frank Pierson

308 Latecomer
Written by : Ilene Chaiken
Directed by : Angela Robinson

309 Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way
Writer: Ilene Chaiken
Director: Moises Kaufman

310 Losing the Light
Writer: Rose Troche
Director: Rose Troche

311 Last dance
Director: Allison Anders

312 Season Finale